Data Science for Business

The book for those who need to understand data science, as well as those who want to develop data-analytic thinking.


Top-selling Data Science Book

Data Science for Business Book Cover

This is not a book of algorithms.

It presents the fundamental principles for extracting useful knowledge from data.

Who's Using It

In use in over 150 colleges and universities in 26 countries around the world.

What They're Saying

Craig VaughanGlobal Vice President, SAP
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A must-read resource for anyone who is serious about embracing the opportunity of big data.
Prof. Sinan AralMIT Sloan School of Business
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There is no other book on practical data science for business applications that simultaneously has as much authority and as much clarity. Students cannot stop raving about this book.
Tom PhillipsCEO, Dstillery. Former Head of Google Search and Analytics
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This book goes beyond data analytics 101. It's the essential guide for those of us (all of us?) whose businesses are built on the ubiquity of data opportunities and the new mandate for data-driven decision-making.
Ron BekkermanChief Data Officer, Carmel Ventures
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This timely book says out loud what has finally become apparent: in the modern world, Data is Business, and you can no longer think business without 'thinking data.' Read this book and you will understand the Science behind thinking data.
Translated into 11 different languages.

Mistakes and corrections from the book’s text.

Discussion groups, visualizations and example material.